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Disrupting with a hyper-localised campaign

Naked Juice

Worth its weight in good

Naked Juice wanted to show just how it was packed with goodness it was by doing good things for the audience and the planet. However, in Europe, the category leader was already doing just that. So how could we connect on a local level, while still being disruptive?

We focused on just how packed with goodness each Naked smoothie is and compared it to various locations in London and Dublin with an outdoor take over. Each advertising site featured a personalised message connecting the product to the location it was appearing—with a bespoke campaign for the London Underground, showing the product to be so good it’s the ideal commuter. We also created a world first with a billboard at Scala that featured Puretti technology that removed pollution from the air, so we really were worth our weight in good.

• Disruption® Strategy
• Campaign idea
• Outdoor advertising
• Tube station take-over
• Photography & animation
• In-store digital screens