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Sharp's Brewery

There's an adventure brewing

Sharp’s was great at brewing and selling beer. But unfortunately people were mostly buying one of the exceptional beers they brewed, Doom Bar.

To help the brewery grow, we needed to connect drinkers to the other beers and also the brewery itself—while keeping Doom Bar in the number one spot.

‘There’s an adventure brewing’ captures the attitude that drives the brewery forward and doesn’t just tell their story, but involves the audience in it as they embark on new adventures with their fans through social media.

Drinkers could connect with and take part in a number of adventures inspired by their beers. From rowing over the Doom Bar and surfing in the Atlantic, to cooking with any beer from the range and brewing one of their own.

• Disruption® Strategy
• Campaign idea
• Film & photography
• Digital & social content
• Promotional campaign
• Adventure experiences
•Retail partnership
• Point of sale