Naked Juice campaign brings goodness to the streets of London

Our campaign for Naked Juice has hit the streets of London to promote their delicious ‘Green Machine’ smoothie. The campaign ‘worth its weight in good’ focuses on the goodness packed into every bottle. Not just the usual fruit and veg, but also extra goodness like wheatgrass and algae.

The messaging on each piece is personalised to each area. So at the Scala House venue in King’s Cross, we’re ‘as packed as a Saturday night in here.’ While in Shoreditch, we have so much goodness, ‘it’s like we’ve bottled Brick Lane Market.’ And on the tube, the smoothie has so much goodness, it’s become the perfect commuter.

And that’s not all. We’ve packed in even more goodness with the poster at King’s Cross. Using material which reacts to UV light, it absorbs pollution to keep the air cleaner too.

The campaign will also be making its way to Dublin at the beginning of June packed with more personalised goodness.