Adventures in Cornwall

Our year got off to a great start as we took our regular trip to Rock, Cornwall to film the next instalment of the ‘There’s an Adventure Brewing’ campaign for Sharp’s Brewery. And this time it was the beer that took centre stage as we embarked on a Brewing Adventure.

The winner of the Adventure was, Dylan Jones, who had the idea of creating a beer called ‘Mizzen’. It was a dark, strong stout with hints of chocolate, coffee and malt sweetness. Perfect for this time of year.

Head Brewer, Andrew Madden, worked with the whole team to bring this idea to life and talked us all through the process of making great beer. And at the end of a long days filming, we got the chance to try a drop too. You’ll also get the chance to try the beer later in the year when they bring it to London Beer Week. They’ll also be selling it at The Mariners in Rock. And we’d definitely recommend taking the trip down.